The Advantages of Solid Wood Furniture

There’s a big difference between Solid Wood and the more conventional Wood Veneer. The visual difference is obvious and many people would assume that Wood Veneer is just a cheap alternative, but there are many more advantages that Solid Wood can bring.

Solid wood is both durable, can last for generations, and is typically easy to repair if some of the wood gets damaged.  You can use a little sandpaper to buff out scratches, small dents, and water stains.  The look of solid wood can be changed once you tire of the finish; it will take some elbow grease or electric tools but you can drastically alter the appearance in order for it to match your changing decor.  You can stain or paint the wood; either one adheres well and gives you a very large variety of options.  If you’re worried about using environmentally friendly products, there are furniture makers that are committed to using only sustainable resources, so you can feel good about having solid wood furniture and doing your part for the planet.

Solid Wood is: Durable, repairable, stainable, and environmentally friendly.

Wood veneer was developed to give the appearance of wood while cheapening the entire product. It’s been dated back for thousands of years, and the only benefit is the cost effectiveness.

Yes, Wood Veneer is cheaper and uses more raw lumber effectively. But the resulting “particle board” is nothing like solid wood. It is brittle; underneath the veneer is compacted sawdust. It can’t be sanded down to repair scratches either; otherwise, you’d just take off the veneer and be left with the ugly sawdust consistency of the particle board. If a piece of particle board breaks or gets scratched, there is no fix that can make it look like new.

The, sometimes plastic, veneer also can’t be stained like Solid Wood. What you purchase is what you get, so get used to it, and hope you don’t move or redecorate without getting new furniture.

Simply put, wood veneer is used in high volumes: schools, restaurants, and the like. I think we can all remember what our desks looked like in school. The nicks and scratches that built up over the years, they served as a testament to their age. Schools want to save money and that is the sole reason they choose wood veneer.

Solid Wood Furniture feels warm, and real. It will last for a long time with proper maintenance. It won’t experience harsh climates in the comfort of your home, and won’t see nearly as much use as a mass produced, easily replaceable, high school desk.

When you redecorate you’ll be able to just simply stain it to match the new décor. And if it does happen to get a nick or a scuff, some sandpaper will do the trick and make it look brand new!

It’s sturdy and it’s environmentally friendly due to less manufacturing needed to be produced. There’s also live edge furniture which is made by keeping the original bark on the wood, creating a truly timeless, cabin-like feel for your home.

Solid Wood Furniture is the best option for your home, cottage, or even business, if you want a quality, one of a kind, finish that may literally stand the test of time.