Bamboo Chic

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Why choose it?

  • the Ecogreen layer offers a firm support for the whole body, in particular the back
  • firm and orthopaedic, this mattress will not add extra pressure to aching joints
  • its 100% natural bamboo fibre, famous for its breathability, is allergy and dust mites free
Internal layer Bamboo ChicBamboo fabric cover 100% natural

  • 1 – Elioform padding on both sides
  • 2 – Allergy free and breathable fibre padding on both sides
  • 3 – Insulating light cover
  • 4 – Ecogreen Orthopaedic layer


The Bamboo Chic mattress is ideal to help against any sleeping problems, such as insomnia caused by too much perspiration and backaches aggravated by bad posture.
This mattress is manufactured with an orthopaedic material which supports the body weight with vigorous strength and helps towards a fresh energetic morning start.
The Bamboo cover fabric not only is allergy free and highly breathable, but features thermo-regulating benefits, guaranteeing an invigorating rest.

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